November 24, 2023 3 min read

As the holiday season is here, it's time to change your look and show off your bolder side. What better way to do that than with  TRĒZSPORT’s latest collection of trendy caps and hats? But this isn't just about fashion, it's a celebration of individuality, a rebellion against norms, and to be free from limitations.

Treena Marie | Free From Limitations

“When I show this picture to my friends, they laugh and say like, ‘You still look the same.’ A true tomboy at heart.”, Said Treena Marie


Growing up, Treena couldn't wait to escape the confines of school to run home and play football with her brothers and their friends. She was the only girl on either team with a true tomboy spirit. From those early days, she embraced an athletic lifestyle, going with the flow and never letting gender norms dictate her moves. Remarkably, she remains unchanged to this day with her authenticity and commitment to a life free from limitations.

In this world that often tries to define us, Treena Marie is a symbol of staying true to oneself. Her story is not just a personal journey, it's an inspiration that lies in every design of our latest collection.

Treena Marie Veal: American Fashion Designer

In the fashion industry, every designer brings a unique perspective, a story that shapes their creations. Treena Marie Veal, the founder and CEO of  TRĒZSPORT is no exception. As an American fashion designer, Treena has etched her mark in the industry with a passion for style that is free from limitations.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Treena Marie Veal has traveled across the globe, not just for work, but for the sheer joy of exploration. It's this globetrotting spirit that gives her designs a cosmopolitan flair from diverse cultures and experiences.

She has always desired more than traditional feminine clothes because It's all about comfort but with some fun style and natural swag. This perpetual search led Treena to a realization – fashion should be an expression of oneself, a reflection of one's comfort and individuality.

Treena’s Design Philosophy

The extensive travel experiences have not only shaped Treena's design philosophy but have also fueled her mission to create accessories that go beyond the expected. With TRĒZSPORT, she wants every headwear piece to reflect the wearer's personal journey. The hurdles she encountered while seeking a specific style and fit, exploring global shopping destinations such as boutiques and malls during her travels. These experiences inspired the creation of a brand that seamlessly blends comfort, elegance, and a hint of urban sophistication.

TRĒZSPORT: Cool Headwear for Everyone

Welcome to the TRĒZSPORT family! Our story is all about cool hats and a whole lot more. TRĒZSPORT was born from Treena's dream to create hats that aren't just stylish but also make you feel uniquely you. It was born out of a desire to address a longstanding gap.

In a world often confined by gender norms, TRĒZSPORT stands as a beacon of inclusivity. Treena's vision extends beyond traditional boundaries, aiming to create headwear that resonates with everyone. Whether you identify as a city dweller, an adventurer, or anything in between, our collection is designed to celebrate your unique journey.

For the Pretty Tomboy in You

TRĒZSPORT isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle. An American Athleisure/Lifestyle Brand that can be considered a fashion industry movement and aimed at what we like to call "The Pretty Tomboy". This uber-chic athleisure brand with a "tomboy meets city girl" attitude, is best known for merging technical qualities with retro-inspired designs, through eye-catching garments to bright colors. 

Where Sport And Passion Is Always In Fashion

Our mantra, "Where Sport And Passion Is Always In Fashion," is the essence of TRĒZSPORT. It's a declaration that your passion for sport, adventure, and life can coexist with your love for fashion. Are you interested in fitness, strolling through the city, or conquering the urban jungle? TRĒZSPORT is your companion in style.


As we conclude this blog, there's one more thing we can't wait to share with you – the unbeatable quality of our hats! All of our products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the stitching to the fabric, we ensure that each piece meets the highest standards of quality. 

Now, as the holiday season is here, we invite you to explore our latest collection of caps and hats. From classic designs to bold statements, there's something for everyone in our collection.

TRĒZSPORT stands tall as a celebration of individuality. Be free from limitations and accept who you truly are. Thank you for being with us till the very end of this blog. Here's to celebrating you, and your style, and a holiday season filled with the joy of self-expression. 

Visit our TRĒZSPORT headwear collection now, where every piece tells a story, and your style knows no limits.